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People priorities power MTR excellence

Public transport operator MTR focuses on nurturing the people and communities it serves, as well as the individuals who work for it across the globe.

After beginning in Hong Kong 20 years ago, MTR Corporation started taking its expertise in railway operations abroad, exporting tested delivery models and deploying expert resources to manage railway networks in the UK, Sweden, Mainland China, Macao and here in Australia, on the Sydney Metro project.

As a recognised world-class operator of sustainable rail transport services carrying more than 3.2 billion annual passenger journeys worldwide, MTR’s purpose is to “Keep Cities Moving”.

And for a company which connects people and communities, it is the way MTR grows and develops its own staff that has formed the cornerstone of its success.

The organisation’s commitment to excellence is underpinned by robust emphasis on employee career development and well-being, empowering the future by nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

This in turn provides the confidence and willingness of staff to help drive innovation and make the most of the unparalleled opportunities for MTR across the rail networks it manages across the globe.



Position: Senior Commercial Manager
Number of years spent working in the industry: 29 years
Number of years working with MTR: 4.5 years

What attracted you to MTR?

“To be handed an opportunity to work in a senior role in an organisation which was recognised and celebrated as an industry leader around the world was an opportunity to be seized,” Moverley said.

“MTR focuses on initiatives that are important to me, such as creating an open culture, development and nurturing of
staff, health and wellbeing, and actively promoting mobility opportunities for all staff across the different business streams and geographical locations.”

What opportunities have you been given or been exposed to whilst with MTR?

Moverley said MTR had provided her with exposure to the most senior level in the Australian business, allowing her to be an active and engaged influence in the development and execution of processes, procedures, vision, values and objectives.

“To be able to contribute to and drive change at this level has been extremely rewarding.,” she said.

What would you like to achieve during your time with MTR?

Moverley said she wanted to help navigate MTR through the changing environment currently being experienced to ensure the legacy that MTR has created in the industry (in Australia, Hong Kong and abroad) is carried forward.

“And, of course, I want to ensure that the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project which I am currently working on successfully achieves first passenger service for both the city and Southwest sections.”

What are you most proud of achieving during your time with MTR?

“Building and maintaining positive, trusted and long-term relationships with stakeholders, including within MTR and even more importantly within our valued clients and supply chain,” Moverley said.

Position: Senior Testing and
Commissioning Engineer
Number of years spent working in the industry: 9 years
Number of years working with MTR: 1.5 years

What attracted you to MTR?

Ibrahim believes that MTR are known across the world as key providers and operators of rail networks and nearby communities.

“With its ongoing success, I wanted to be a part of that success, using my experience to contribute where possible,” he said.

Why do you choose to stay with MTR?

“There are various teams on this project,” Ibrahim said. “I find that the teams are all very supportive when information is required or when support is needed.”

What opportunities have you been given or been exposed to whilst with MTR?

“I was originally involved in overseeing compliance with technical requirements specified in the contracts. I was overseeing and verifying compliance across design documents, management plans, test procedures and design related documentation. I am now in the testing and commissioning team where I am overseeing various progress boards and overseeing testing,” Ibrahim said.

What are you most proud of achieving during your time with MTR?

“As a gatekeeper to forecasted power disruptions, I ensure that all parties are up to date and are all aligned,” Ibrahim said.

“ Having involvement in the design, testing and commissioning of power distribution systems for both high voltage and low voltage systems, I am proud to hold this position.”

What would you like to achieve during your time with MTR?

“I would like to see a successful completion of the Sydney Metro City and Southwest testing phase and to ensure that all tests are successfully completed,” Ibrahim said.

“I would also like to see that all adequate safety control measures are implemented to ensure that safety is maintained across the project with zero injuries.”

Position: Senior Project Controls Manager
Number of years spent working in the industry: 10 years in rail, overall 25 years.
Number of years working with MTR: 4 years

What attracted you to MTR?

“I was drawn to MTR Australia by its stellar reputation and commitment to rail industry excellence,” Zaidi said.

”MTR Corporation has a globally recognised track record for delivering world-class, innovative, and sustainable transportation solutions, and its presence in Australia embodies this same dedication.

“The opportunity to be a part of a dynamic team shaping the future of Australian transportation infrastructure is incredibly appealing.”

Why do you choose to stay with MTR?

Zaidi said MTR Australia offered him a unique opportunity to demonstrate his capabilities when he was relatively new to the Australian rail industry and had mostly overseas experience.

“MTR Australia’s trust and assistance during that period were critical to my professional growth and development,” he said.

“Furthermore, the company’s global reputation is accentuated through its high standards and constant dedication to quality. MTR Australia’s working environment is not only beneficial to professional development, but it is also enhanced by its varied and inclusive culture.

“This dynamic and collaborative ecosystem offers a workplace in which I may continue to learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully.”

What opportunities have you been given or been exposed to whilst with MTR?

“MTR entrusted me with planning teams’ leadership within the company and among subcontractors, enabling me to strengthen my management abilities while ensuring smooth project coordination,” Zaidi said.

“Furthermore, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with Sydney Metro to address problems, extending my perspective and enhancing relationships with clients.

“Coordination with MTR’s commercial, construction, and design departments has promoted a comprehensive understanding of the rail sector and provided an opportunity to contribute to cross-functional solutions.

“Participation in MTR leadership meetings has exposed me to high-level decision-making and strategic planning, which has provided me with an essential perspective on the organisation’s overall vision and direction.”

What are you most proud of achieving during your time with MTR?

Zaidi said he was most proud of establishing a cohesive and tight knit team full of remarkable members and maximising their capabilities.

“I have had the luxury of promoting a lot of personnel and seeing others move on to more senior roles and furthering their careers,” he said. “Moreover, my department has also been fortunate enough to receive two major awards within the company.

“My pride stems from being a part of and directly impacting individuals’ growth and skill acquisition which can only benefit society as a whole.”

What would you like to achieve during your time with MTR?

“My overriding objective is to grow both personally and professionally by utilising the extraordinary resources and opportunities available within this organisation,” Zaidi said.

“I hope to advance with MTR and expand my understanding of the rail sector while constantly pushing the boundaries of my abilities.”

Position: Site Engineer
Number of years spent working in the industry: 6 years
Number of years working with MTR: 1 year, 7 months

What attracted you to MTR?

“Other than rail, MTR offers many possibilities by exposing its employees to different business units, letting them participate in programs to develop functional skills and gain experience in their professions,” Cajucom said.

“Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a site visit with two MTR colleagues from Hong Kong who are in their last year of the Property Associate Program,” she said.

“Discussing and comparing the different issues and processes between our business units was a learning experience.”

Why do you choose to stay with MTR?

“The people I work with is the main reason I choose to stay with MTR,” Cajucom said.

“I have always found with the right team and right work; it is very easy to get out of bed.”

What opportunities have you been given or been exposed to whilst with MTR?

Cajucom said MTR had given her the opportunity to work as a site engineer on the Sydney Metro & South-West project, which has in turn “given me a wide range of access to client exposure, coordinating with project contractors, and managing MTR contractors (Alstom/Thales/UGL) while collaborating with all MTR functional units and interface design management”.

What are you most proud of achieving during your time with MTR?

“The MTR team has encouraged my growth, allowing me to step up by taking accountability of engineering and management responsibilities, problem-solving unfavourable situations, and delegating tasks with clear directions to the onsite delivery team,” Cajucom said.

“I am proud of the progress I have made in my personal and professional development, in parallel with MTR values.”

What would you like to achieve during your time with MTR?

“I would like to achieve a project engineer role, continue to improve my skills, and use thought leadership to mentor graduates and create a culture of learning and collaborative environment,” Cajucom said.

“If the opportunity arises, I would love to experience working in other MTR international offices.”