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Pacific National in cement agreement

cement pacific national

Pacific National has entered into a new three-year rail haulage agreement with Cement Australia, to transport ISO containers of cement, sand, fly ash, slag and lime annually for its many customers across Australia.

This includes the interstate and inter-city transport of cement and supplementary cementitious materials between major capital cities and throughout North Queensland.

Cement Australia supplies essential materials to some of the largest government sponsored and/or privately funded critical infrastructure projects in the nation.

Both Pacific National and Cement Australia play a critical role in enhancing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of Australia’s vast supply chain.

Compared to road freight transport, rail haulage operations are more fuel efficient and so provide a lower-emissions transport solution for customers.

Pacific National’s vision was to become Australia’s most trusted and respected logistics partner.

Pacific National recently announced it would provide additional interstate rail freight services for the upcoming peak season period.

Company chief executive Paul Scurrah said that during this peak period of consumer demand “for everything from refrigerated produce to canned food to beverages to electronics to white goods to essential household items”.

Scurrah said Pacific National customers benefitted from being able to access the ‘length and breadth’ of the company’s national network, and also had the ability to quickly scale up rail freight operations to meet demand.

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