Pacific National admits flaw in cargo tracking

<p>Pacific National has admitted that it needs to provide a better freight tracking system for its customers.</p> <p>Speaking at Freight Solutions 2003 in Melbourne, Pacific National’s manager Victoria, Noel Kimberley, was asked whether Pacific National has a system that allows customers to track cargo on demand.</p> <p>Mr Kimberley said: "We obviously know what we are carrying on our trains and where our trains are, and we can supply that information to our customers at various points.</p> <p>"But we don’t have a system where customers can just log on and find out where their freight is."</p> <p>Mr Kimberley said that Pacific National is planning to introduce a more up-to-date tracking system in the near future.</p> <p>"It’s something we are looking at and it shouldn’t be too hard to bring in."</p> <br />