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Outdated Casino-Brisbane signalling `farcical’: Neville

<p>The head of the Federal Government’s transport committee has slammed the use of outdated signalling methods along the northern end of the Sydney-Brisbane rail line.</p> <p>Nationals MP Paul Neville told the ABC yesterday (Sunday, February 4) that it was &#8220farcical&#8221 that the freight trains continued to use the metal token exchange system, introduced in the 1800s.</p> <p>&#8220To think we have the old metal rod system, I remember that as a kid &#8211 the steam trains came in, the hoop was handed down and the rod placed in the mechanism to free up the next section of track," Mr Neville said.</p> <p>"To think that we’re doing that now in the modern electronic age is beyond belief."</p> <p>The ARTC said it expected to finish installing a new system along the 150 km of track between Casino and Acacia Ridge by the end of the year.</p> <p>The work involves several stages and was a part of the north-south strategy that also involves work on 32 new and existing passing loops between Sydney and Brisbane.</p> <p>The signalling upgrade should cut about 30 min. from the freight time and will reduce running costs from train operators having to stop up to five times along the track.</p> <br />