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Oscar delivered ahead of schedule

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> UGL Rail last week delivered the first four-car train set to Rail Corporation New South Wales (RailCorp) as part of the third stage of the NSW Government’s Outer Suburban Railcar (Oscar) project. </span> <p>The first set was delivered five weeks ahead of schedule and will be rolled out into service in the coming weeks.</p><p>The NSW Government has already delivered 122 Oscars valued at $450m onto the CityRail network as part of stages one and two of the project.</p><p>As part of stage three, the first 28 carriages will be delivered by mid-2011, with a further 24 carriages to be delivered by the end of 2011. The remaining 22 carriages will come into service by mid-2012.</p><p>The $370m project for stage three of the Oscars was originally for 72 carriages, though this was extended to 74 by RailCorp within budget.</p><p>UGL Rail chief executive infrastructure Andy Summers said since March 2009, UGL had progressed from concept to completion of the first set, a “remarkable achievement”.</p><p>“The success of this project is a testament to the strength of our relationship with RailCorp and the dependability of UGL’s manufacturing and technology partners including Mitsubishi,” Summers said.</p><p>While the trains will largely service Sydney’s outer suburban rail network, Summers said the Oscar’s high levels of reliability and adaptability has resulted in their wider use on the inner suburban rail network as well.</p><p>The Oscar’s will also be used for new late night “Guardian services” on the Western, Central and South Coasts and Illawarra lines.</p><p>The government recently announced the introduction of Guardian Services as part of the&nbsp new timetable for passengers heading home from the city on Friday and Saturday night.</p><p>“The CCTV capability on board the Oscars makes the new carriages ideal for Guardian Services, which will have extra transit officers onboard and constant monitoring of CCTV cameras by staff on the train,” minister for transport John Robertson said.</p><p>The Oscars are also equipped with air-conditioning toilet access for people with disabilities on-board passenger information screens and reversible seats with graffiti and fire-resistant coverings.<br />&nbsp<br /><br />&nbsp</p>