Monday 28th May, 2018

One man visited all 307 of NSW’s Opal-enabled stations; see his favourite sites

Wirragulla station. Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192
Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192

PHOTOS: Whether it’s the over-engineered access ramp at Wallarobba, or the incredibly isolated platform at Wirragulla, there’s something for everyone in one Sydneysider’s photo album documenting his journey around all 307 of NSW’s Opal-enabled train stations.

User SilverStar9192 documented his favourite sites in a post to the Sydney section of the popular social news site Reddit on Tuesday night.

“I’ve visited all 307 Opal-enabled rail stations across Sydney and NSW,” he wrote. “While some are unremarkable, I saw a lot of Sydney that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

View the full album here.

The traveller found particular pleasure in some of NSW’s most isolated stations, with Mindaribba, on the North Coast Line, standing out in particular.

Mindaribba station. Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192
Mindaribba station. Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192

“Mindaribba Station is really isolated,” he wrote. “There’s no town nearby and no sign from the main road. Only with Google Maps did I find the pot-holed, dirt track that leads to this station.”

Another top site was SilverStar9192’s favourite station, Zig Zag, on the Main Western Line.

Zig Zag station. Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192
Zig Zag station. Photo: Reddit user /u/SilverStar9192

“Along with Wondabye, Zig Zag is one of the most photogenic small platform stations, and also shares with Wondabyne that there are two platforms due to the double-track,” he says.

“Zig Zag is also quite difficult to reach, but there is road access by following a series of back roads from the Lithgow side.”

The intrepid explorer took around six months to visit all 307 stations, including 23 light rail stops. On May 10, he visited 37 – the most he had been to in a single day during his journey.

“At every station, a tap off or tap on was recorded, whether visited by car or train.”

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