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Oaklands crossing removal gets funding

The Turnbull Government will provide $95 million to upgrade the Oaklands level crossing in Adelaide’s south, following extensive negotiations between the federal and state governments.

Urban infrastructure minister Paul Fletcher announced a $55 million investment from the Commonwealth, adding to $40 million in funds already committed, on Wednesday.

The $95 million in federal funding will add to $74.3 million from the South Australian Government, and $5 million from the local City of Marion council, to fully fund the $174.3 million project to move the Seaford rail line underneath Diagonal Road.

The $55 million in extra federal money, and $74.3 million from the state, both come from savings made on the North-South Corridor road projects.

The project will start next year, and is expected to take around 18 months to complete, employing 160 along the way.

“Today’s announcement delivers on a 2016 election commitment and follows tireless advocacy by the Federal Member for Boothby, Nicolle Flint,” Fletcher said. “Pleasingly, we have now agreed funding for Oaklands Crossing with the South Australian Government, as well as the City of Marion, and we are progressing this critical project.”

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill said the State Government had given the green light to provide a $74.3 million contribution to the project. “With the convergence of two major roads through the crossing, traffic volumes are currently 42,000 vehicles per day, and are expected to grow to 66,000 by 2031, further exacerbating congestion,” he said.

“This critical upgrade will ensure easier and safer access to the nearby State Aquatic Centre, along with other retail, leisure and health facilities, addressing longstanding concerns from the local community over the intersection.”

State transport minister Stephen Mullighan said the new rail underpass would extend 400 metres to the east and west of Oaklands Crossing.

“By separating the Oaklands rail crossing from the roads, we will significantly improve travel times for motorists who spend almost a quarter of the time during peak periods waiting at the boom gates,” Mullighan said.

“I am very pleased to have been able to successfully negotiate this agreement to deliver this important upgrade, which will also deliver a 160-metre-long platform which will cater to longer trains as patronage continues to increase on the Seaford line.”

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  1. ” 160-metre-long platform which will cater to longer trains” Good to see forward planning for high capacity trains. e,g.trains with 6 carriages during rush periods. Same frequency but twice the capacity. This will help reduce the delays that will continue at the Emerson Level Crossing when frequency on the Tonsley Line is increased when the extension is built to the proposed Finders Medical Station. Hopefully that station will also be built to able to handle longer trains. Traffic on Cross Roads back up to Goodwood Rd during during rush periods on Emerson Level Crossing.