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Nye urges new Vic government: Act now on rail

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Chief executive of the Australasian Railway Association Bryan Nye says he’s looking forward to working with Victoria’s new Labor government, and to the government fulfilling its pre-election promises on rail. </span> <p>“Rail in Victoria is going through a real renaissance,” Nye said. “With the growing demand and population, it is critical that investment into new rolling stock, improved infrastructure and services continues.”<br /><br />Nye congratulated the incoming Labor government and new premier of Victoria Dan Andrews after the party’s win of the state election over the weekend, but said he would pay close attention to the fulfilment of the reforms outlined in Labor’s Project 10,000 transport plan.<br /><br />The reforms include the removal of 50 of the state’s worst level crossings, the construction of the Melbourne Metro Rail, and the establishment of the Victorian Transport Building Fund, designed to&nbsp fund these infrastructure projects through asset recycling schemes.<br /><br />Earlier this week, the ARA released rail’s public transport priorities, outlining what was most important to Victoria’s heavy and light passenger rail operators and manufacturers.<br /><br />“Victoria has more level crossings than any other state in Australia and a large number of collisions and near hits,” Nye explained. “The removal of 50 of these dangerous intersections will improve the efficiency of the rail network and the safety of drivers and pedestrians.<br /><br />“The construction of the Melbourne Metro Rail is also welcomed, and will undoubtedly improve the city’s heavy passenger rail network, however greater guarantee on the successful roll out of the project is needed with Labor committing only $300 million thus far towards the $9 billion project.<br /><br />“I also encourage the Andrews Government to consider Melbourne’s’ light rail network, the largest in the world, and the rolling stock and infrastructure requirements needed to meet the growing demand being placed on operators,” he said.<br /><br />Nye thanked the outgoing Napthine Government “for their hard work and investment in rail over the past term”.<br /><br />“Rail in Victoria is at its best and I hope that this legacy can continue and thrive into the future,” Nye concluded.</p>