NSW trials smart solution for congestion issues

Transport for NSW is currently running trials intended to minimise station congestion and improve on-time train operation.

The Responsive Passenger Information (RPI) Project utilises Sydney Trains CCTV systems and WIFI technology to support data aggregation at Town Hall Station.

The RPI Project trials are being conducted in collaboration with Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Sydney Trains and the University of Technology Sydney.

According to UTS, the RPI system “optimises network performance by leveraging existing digital technologies to inform and influence user behaviour.”

It does this by offering a communications feedback loop, in real-time, between public transport users and operators, enabling the behaviour of each to influence the behaviour of the other.

The long-term vision of the project is to enable passengers to make informed decisions about their commute so they can avoid adding to the peak travel crowding.

The data aggregation stage will finish on 30 November 2019.