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NSW TrainLink customers get real-time data for trains, coaches

NSW TrainLink train. Photo:

NSW transport minister Andrew Constance has welcomed the commissioning of a data feed from transport technology and communications firm 4Tel, which gives NSW regional customers access to real-time service information through their mobile phones.

NSWTrains rail and coach passengers can now check on their service through popular mobile apps TripView, NextThere, Arrivo Sydney, Triptastic, Metarove,, Moovit and Transit App.

“The data will be available across eight transport apps, providing regional customers with the most up-to-date information currently available,” Constance said, “with train updates recorded every 30 seconds, and coach services every few minutes.”

4Tel, an SME founded by Derel Wust in 2001, which operates out of Newcastle, generates the real-time information through its 4Trak application, which it has been using to track trains since 2008.

The 4Trak system collects real-time position information (track and GPS data) of trains and coaches on the NSW regional network, then compares that data to the planned timetable. It then calculates the estimated arrival times for passenger information systems, and for the external application feed.

Constance continued: “For the first time regional customers will have access to the same information about their services as our metropolitan customers …

“By using the real-time apps, customers will know when to leave home or work to get to the station or stop, and those meeting-up with different transport modes will be able to use real-time information to plan their entire trip door-to-door.”

NSW TrainLink customers now can access real-time information for the North Coast, North Western, Southern and Western regional train and coach service. The data will also be available for South Coast line customers, between Kiama and Bombaderry and the Blue Mountains, Hunter and Southern Highlands lines, TfNSW said.

“There have been over three million downloads of real-time data transport apps since they became available and 90 million requests for timetable data each month,” Constance said.

“Including regional data on the transport apps demonstrates the NSW Government’s commitment to improving public transport services right across NSW.”

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