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NSW moves to detect freight train faults before they cause delays

<p>The New South Wales government will introduce track sensors on its CityRail network to avoid freight train breakdowns that have crippled its passenger services this year.</p> <p>More than 900 passenger services disruptions this year have stemmed from 266 mechanical faults on freight trains.</p> <p>The state government said it would roll out a $26m system over the next five years to install technology designed to detect faults in the trains before they begin using the shared rail corridors.</p> <p>Port Kembla will be one of the first sections of the network to have the &#8220wayside detection systems&#8221 when a sensor is installed before the end of the year.</p> <p>The system is designed to alert the signaller to emerging mechanical problems that could derail trains or damage track by detecting any wheel abnormalities, loose parts or faulty axle bearings on the freight trains.</p> <p>Minister for the Illawarra David Campbell said the move was in line with a key recommendation made by an Independent Transport Safety and Reliability Regulator report in 2005 that examined the impact of freight trains on the passenger network.</p> <br />