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NSW Govt puts EDI ‘on notice’ over Millennium train

<p>The New South Wales Government will examine legal options if Sydney’s Millennium train is not up to specification by mid-August this year, state transport services minister Michael Costa said. </p> <p>In a press conference yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, July 22), Mr Costa said an independent report into the Millennium train has confirmed that the problems are the responsibility of manufacturer EDI Rail and its contractors.</p> <p>"And I do put EDI on notice today, that we will be seeking to enforce our contractual obligations with them in relation to their performance in dealing with these problems," Mr Costa said.</p> <p>There were some problems in relation to the train’s introduction into the system, particularly in relation to power supply, he said.</p> <p>This raised the question of whether the complexity of the Millennium train made it the best option for train purchases, he said.</p> <p>"It is something we will take on stock for future purchases of rolling stock into the system," Mr Costa said.</p> <p>"But it clearly identifies that the Millennium train is a very complex piece of technology and raises questions about whether that complexity was required."</p> <p>The "good news", he said, is that the bulk of the problems that have occurred since the train re-entered service related to one piece of software that appears to have been corrected.</p> <p>There hasn’t been an incident for the last 10 days and that was good news, Mr Costa said.</p> <p>He refused to elaborate on what action the government might take to enforce contractual obligations.</p> <p>EDI Rail declined to comment on the issue.</p> <br />