NRTC to take responsibility for rail

<p>The National Road Transport Commission (NRTC) has expanded its role to take on rail and intermodal regulatory responsibilities from the beginning of this month.</p> <p>It will become the National Transport Commission and is designed to strengthen regulatory frameworks and provide a more unified approach to national transport management.</p> <p>The commission will operate under its current name until January 2004, when the transition of responsibilities should be complete, an NRTC spokesman said.</p> <p>NRTC chairman Stuart Hicks said Australia’s transport ministers made the decision to expand the commission after a review.</p> <p>The commission will be responsible for "progressing regulatory reform at the national level" and maintaining national uniformity, he said.</p> <p>"Our expansion into rail and intermodal operation will complement, not compromise, our road reform programs," Mr Hicks said.</p> <p>"We are committed to delivering regulatory reform across both road and rail modes with a high level of industry consultation."</p> <p>The NRTC had already started examining improvements for the rail sector under the direction of the Australian Transport Council, he said. </p> <br />