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Not milling about: Dotmar EPP growing local capabilities

Specialised plastic parts fabricator, Dotmar EPP, takes Rail Express through its process, and the latest addition to its local manufacturing capabilities.


Dotmar Engineering Plastic Products (Dotmar EPP) specialises in the fabrication of specific industrial components using an extensive range of modern plastics. For the rail sector, these components can be for rollingstock, track or other fixed infrastructure.

Sales Representative Nicholas Farrell tells Rail Express that Dotmar EPP has refined a process to help new and existing customers get the niche parts they need, made out of the ideal material.

“First, the team meets with the client to discuss precisely what type of part is required, and what qualities are desired or necessary from the material itself,” he says. “Then we can work a customer specification, and can utilise client drawings or samples to design and fabricate a solution.”

Working through the information together with the client, Dotmar EPP will propose a solution and can conduct a trial to ensure it is ideal for the task at hand.

Once any necessary refinements are made, the Dotmar EPP team can then move into a full production run.

“Our aim is to be a trusted advisor,” General Manager Andrew Windsor says. “Material selection is something we’re good at, so, we like to be involved right at the R&D stage of a project.”

Boosting its standing as a trusted advisor is the fact that all the material used by Dotmar EPP in Australia is imported by the company itself, and not through a third party.

“Customers have a direct link to any information that may be required about the materials on offer,” Farrell explains. “They’re coming directly to the source for the material itself, which means they have a direct link to any knowledge they may deem necessary.”

“It hasn’t come through multiple hands,” Windsor adds. “There’s a clear line of communication for the material itself, which is crucial for such a specialised range.”

Farrell says demand for specialised materials in the rail sector is generally driven by the high level of specification demanded by asset owners and standards.

“That demand for a wide range of specialised products is where our versatile manufacturing capabilities come into play,” he says. “Once we’ve settled on a material that’s fit-for-purpose, we can work with it right away.”

Dotmar EPP’s capabilities include CAD/CAM, CNC routing, milling and turning, manual machining, and work with specialised machines like a multi spindle moulder, a rod saw, and a panel saw.

One of the most recent additions to the company’s fabrication facility is an Okuma bar fed mill turn.

“Essentially, it’s a highly-automated precision turning lathe, but it’s high capacity bar feeder, allows us to load the machine with plastic rods, program it and let it run overnight, or whenever needed,” Farrell explains. “That obviously gives the process maximum efficiency and a high level of precision for the finished products. And while it’s great for big production runs, it’s also ideal for precision prototyping.”

The machine has been with Dotmar EPP for around six months and Farrell says the company fully understands its capabilities, and has already enjoyed efficiency gains from having it in-house.

Rail capabilities

Key applications for Dotmar EPP’s offering to the rail sector include bogie brake systems, bolster wear pads, freight car coupling wear pads, pedestal and center bowl liners, bushings for brake pull rod systems, bushings for rail brakes, rail joints for electrical insulation, cable clamps, insulating beams, liners for bulk carriers, articulating side bearings and more.

Material offered by Dotmar for rail applications includes, but is not limited to Ertalyte (PETP), Ertalon (Nylon), Ertacetal (Acetal), Polystone P7000 (UHMWPE), Polystone P300 (HDPE), Palsun (Polycarbonate) and Ketron PEEK for applications such as bushings, centre bowl liners, wear pads, washers, track spacers, side guides and electrical insulators.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 accredited, and has a dedicated quality assurance facility and process to ensure all goods that go out to customers are within their specifications.

Contact:, 1800 170 001