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North-south rail study gets under way

<p>Ernst &#38 Young has been appointed to manage the north-south rail study, Federal transport minister Warren Truss said.</p> <p>The study was due to start this month (September) and would examine future freight demand and capacity and the rail options on the Melbourne-Sydney-Brisbane corridor, Mr Truss said.</p> <p>"The north-south rail corridor study will define fundamental economic and financial issues associated with the future development of rail freight on this important transport corridor," he said.</p> <p>"The study will also examine major issues, such as the movement of rail freight through the three major capital cities, as well as major terminal and port interface issues."</p> <p>Options beyond the present Australian rail Track Corporation program of upgrades included further enhancements to the coastal route and "various inland route options", Mr Truss said.</p> <p>The Government had not decided on any projects in advance of the study, he said.</p> <p>State governments and the rail industry will be invited to participate in the study.</p> <p>"I will be particularly inviting proponents of future rail proposals, such as the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor and the Australian Inland Rail Expressway joint venture, to provide input to my department and the project manager during the study," Mr Truss said.</p> <p>The study is to be completed by June 30, 2006.</p> <br />