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News in Brief ? 30 June-6 July 2010

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> </span> <p><strong>No more horns for NSW trains</strong><br />A 150-year-old tradition has ended, with NSW trains&nbsp no longer sounding the horn as they leave a station.</p><p>Transport minister John Robertson said the departing train horn was no longer necessary for safety on the state’s rail network, adding that the move will be welcomed by thousands of residents that live in the vicinity of a train station.&nbsp<br />&nbsp</p><p><strong>Major early works contract awarded for Gold Coast Rapid Transit <br /></strong>Leighton Contractors has been awarded the first large early works contract for the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project, worth approximately $33m. The company will build the Gold Coast University Hospital Station Shell and carry out associated roadworks in Parklands Drive, Southport.</p><p>This first major package includes construction of the floor, roof and walls that will support the future light rail station structure.</p><p>The first stage of the station shell construction and Parklands Drive road works is expected to start later this month and is due for completion in September, with the final stage of construction and fit out of the station to take place in 2012/2013 prior to commencement of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit system operations in 2014.</p><p>Requests for Proposals are in the market for two additional Early Enabling road works packages, valued at approximately $110 million.</p><p>The Bligh Government recently announced three consortia had been shortlisted to build the Gold Coast’s light rail system – GC Connect, GoldlinQ and Move GC.</p><p>Between now and the end of the year the project and three short-listed bid teams will participate in an interactive bid phase.</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><strong>Rio Tinto launches Operations Centre as part of ‘Mine of the Future’ vision</strong><br />Rio Tinto has opened its new Operations Centre, the primary control centre for the company’s vast network of mines, rail systems, infrastructure facilities and port operations in the Pilbara.</p><p>The Operations Centre features 200 controllers and schedulers and more than 230 technical planning and support staff, using cutting-edge networks that ensure all Pilbara operations up to 1,500 kilometres away are not only controlled from Perth, but can be performed with the maximum efficiency.</p><p>“There is no other mining operation anywhere in the world attempting this on this scale. Our driverless trucks, remotely operated drill and blasting, automated train systems and remote train loading functions are just the start of a revolution that is transforming the way we extract value from our resources, and will result in a far better, safer industry than could have been imagined even a decade ago,” chief executive Sam Walsh said.</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><strong>ACCC to examine NCIG QR bid</strong><br />Australia’s competition regulator will examine the $4.8bn bid by a consortium of Queensland coal miners to buy QR’s rail tracks. The ACCC has called for submissions on Queensland Coal Industry Rail Group’s p(NCIG) proposal.</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><strong>RISSB update</strong><br />The Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB) has produced a 2nd draft version of the AS7660: Network Control Mobile Communications System standard for public consultation. The standard is aimed at rail network managers and specifies the high-level requirements that must be considered prior to specifying any new network control communications system.</p><p>The draft is available for download from the products matrix on the RISSB website under the Train Control Systems tab on the products matrix until 31 July 2010.For more info email Alex Borodin: <a href=""></a></p><p>The second stage of Boiler Code of Practice is now open for review from July 5 to August 2. The draft is also available for download on the RISSG website under the Infrastructure tab on the products matrix. For more info email Alan Gardner: <a href=""></a><br />Visit: <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br />&nbsp</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><strong><br />Track laying started for new railway line in QLD </strong><br />Track laying has commenced on a new railway line in Queensland&nbsp that will extend rail services beyond the upgraded Darra railway station to a new station at Richlands by 2011 and on to Springfield by 2013.</p><p>Construction of the 14.5 kilometre line will start at a junction with the Ipswich line (west of Darra) and continue all the way to Springfield by 2013, two years ahead of schedule.</p><p>Premier Anna Bligh said trains will run to to Richlands for the first time in the first half of 2011, the project will then continue immediately to extend the rail from Richlands to Springfield, with the Springfield line to open by 2013, two years ahead of schedule.</p><p>The Queensland government is making a total investment of more than $1bn to bring rail infrastructure to Springfield. <br />The project is part of the Queensland Government’s $124 billion South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program 2009-2026. <br />&nbsp</p>