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<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Car falls onto tracks at Wyong Metro plans ‘biopit’ for cleaning after fatalities Bombardier/Downer win maintenance contract App launched for Airtrain ticketing. </span> <p><u>Car falls onto tracks at Wyong</u></p><p>A Toyota Camry fell onto the train tracks at Wyong station in Sydney last week, after an apparent parking mishap.</p><p>Several photos, like the one below, were shared on social media during the week.</p><p>There were delays following the incident, but reportedly, no-one was badly injured.</p><p><img width="450" height="600" src="" alt="" /></p><p>&nbsp</p><p><u>Melbourne Metro plans ‘biopit’ wash</u></p><p>A set of confidential documents reportedly leaked to Fairfax media show that Melbourne’s Metro rail provider is planning to spend $5.4 million on a ‘biopit’ to clean train exteriors after a person is hit by a train.</p><p>The plans also reportedly show that the provider is also spending big on fencing off open sections of Melbourne’s railways, as part of a continued effort to tackle the issue of suicide on the rail network.</p><p>A Metro spokesperson was quoted: “Tragically, each year about 40 trespassers are fatally struck on our network and there are a further 20 who sustain serious injuries. This impacts many people, including our drivers and staff and their families.”</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><u>Bombardier/Downer win Perth maintenance deal</u></p><p>WA’s Public Transport Authority has announced a contract variation with Bombardier Transportation and joint venture partner Downer EDI to maintain Transperth’s new B-Series railcars.</p><p>The joint venture has been maintaining the existing Tranperth railcar fleet since 2012, and is responsible for production of the new railcars.</p><p>Under the variation, the existing brief is extended to include the 22 new three-car trains being purchased by the state government.</p><p>The agreement has an option for an extension of an additional seven and a half years.</p><p>&nbsp</p><p><u>Airtrain launches ticketing app</u></p><p>Brisbane Airtrain has launched a smart phone app to sell tickets, making it the first Australian public transport operator, it says, to do so.</p><p>Airtrain, which runs trains to Brisbane Airport, launched the app allowing passengers to pre-purchase tickets in both directions of travel between Brisbane Airport and the city.</p><p>“While E-ticketing isn’t a new concept, it certainly is for public transport,” said Airtrain chief Chris Basche.</p><p>“Airtrain is, and has always been, committed to innovating and making travel as convenient as possible for all of our passengers.”<br />&nbsp</p>