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New transport container to ?revolutionise? industry: SCF Group

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> The release of a ‘world-first’ transport container is set to revolutionise the rail industry across Australia and the world, according to transport equipment supplier SFC Group. </span> <p>SFC Group’s 40 foot side-door container is a first of its kind in that it&nbsputilises moulded plastic bi-fold doors that are light and durable, providing easy access to the container.</p><p>“This design is the only of its kind in the world and has already generated a lot of interest here in Australia,” SCF group director Richard Sykes said.</p><p>Queensland Rail and Toll Group are keen to use the container as an alternative to curtain containers, with Toll to trial the prototype this month, Sykes said.</p><p>The container’s plastic door weighs only 28 kilograms compared to 140 kilograms in steel, and Sykes said he had chosen to transfer some of this weight back into the container shell to improve its strength.</p><p>“Unlike a side-curtain container, the plastic doors have the same strength rating as that of a solid walled container,” he said.</p><p>The container is ideal for palletised freight because of its ability to access and load products along the length of the container rather than only having access from the rear doors.</p><p>Once production of the plastic side-door container is up to full level then SCF Group is looking to take it to international markets.</p><p>The container&nbspwas&nbspdesigned in Adelaide by SCF Group, with the shell being made in China and doors manufactured in partnership with SA plastics moulding company Maxiplas.</p><p>A provider of logistics, storage and container solutions, SCF Group encompasses four divisions: rail containers, tank containers, simply containers and container rooms. These brands cater for rail, hazardous liquid transport, small business storage and accommodation.<br />&nbsp</p>