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New ?jumbo? trams make Melbourne debut

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> A line of new trams from global manufacturer, Bombardier, has started entering service in Melbourne, with the introduction of two new, longer, wider trams on the city’s tram system. </span> <p>At 33m long and 2.65m wide, the new trams are not especially large compared to others around the world, but are significantly larger than the standard trams seen on Melbourne’s network.<br /><br />The two trams were launched on Monday, November 4, and are capable of carrying 210 people.<br /><br />They are the first of 50 trams Bombardier is contracted to deliver to Melbourne as a result of a roughly $300m contract.<br /><br />As the trams are rolled out they are to be targeted on the city’s busiest lines.<br /><br />Some of the remaining 48 have been delivered and are in testing or commissioning phases, while others are yet to be built.<br /><br />The manufacturer told Rail Express that it is operating at a construction timeline of roughly 10 trams each year. This projects to the final trams being delivered around 2018.<br /><br />But, according to Bombardier, there is the potential for even more trams to be delivered, as the contract includes an option for the government to order a further 100 trams from the company.<br /><br />The three section, four bogie trams are specially designed by Bombardier for the Melbourne network.<br /><br />They are designed to allow for all usual low-floor benefits to passengers, but have an improved bogie rotation ability, improving ride comfort and reducing wear and tear on equipment and infrastructure, Bombardier says.<br /><br />The launch of the two new trains was seven months late, according to the original timeline from the previous Brumby government, which ordered them.</p>