Sunday 22nd Jul, 2018

New information screens for Yarra Trams

Photo: Yarra Trams
Photo: Yarra Trams

A trial of new “enhanced” passenger information screens has commenced on one of Yarra Trams’ C1-Class vehicles.

The tram has been fitted with a Vehicle Information System (VPIS), which is comprised of four dual LCD screens and automated audio.

The VPIS systems have already been installed on E, D, B2, and A-Class trams in the Yarra Trams fleet.

Emilie van de Graaff, director of passenger and network innovation at Yarra Trams, said the system provided more information to passengers and would improve travel for those with hearing and vision impairments.

“About 87 per cent of our passengers said they were likely to refer to on-board information screens,” van de Graff said.

“While we introduce these improvements for passengers with accessibility needs, we know all passengers appreciate on-board information, in particular those who are new to using our network, whether they be visitors or Melburnians getting on board for the first time.”

During the trial, the LCD screens will provide information regarding the tram destination, the next three stops, along with notifications regarding the Free Tram Zone and accessible stops. Information relating to planned service disruptions will also be tested during the trial.

If deemed successful, the VPIS will be installed on all of Yarra Trams 36 C1-Class trams, with roll-out planned to start in late 2017.

The trial tram (number 3028) runs on Route 48 and Route 109, and Yarra Trams is encouraging passengers to provide feedback about the new system. The feedback will reportedly be used to help improve the design and content of the VPIS.

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