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MRD: remote condition monitoring specialists

Remote Condition Monitoring


In the rail industry, remote condition monitoring (RCM) has been a game-changer, enhancing efficiency and safety.

However, like every great story, RCM presents challenges, most notably the reliance on cloud services and the associated subscription-based models.

Imagine being tethered to a single vendor, contending with recurring fees, potential data breaches, and even the looming threat of vendor insolvency, leaving you with an obsolete system. 

The question then becomes, how can rail networks future-proof their investment? The answer lies in an innovative alternative.

Enter MRD Rail Technologies. 

It has reimagined the very concept of condition monitoring and delivered what seems to be straight out of a rail operator’s dream – the TrackSense Autonomous RCM. 

As MRD managing director Rob Gersbach explains to Rail Express, the technology is designed to operate autonomously, able to function independently, without relying on external servers or network connections.

So, what does this mean for rail operators?

  • Financial independence: No more hefty cloud-based subscriptions. A one-time investment in TrackSense offers substantial long-term savings 
  • Breaking free from vendor chains: An independent system means no vendor lock-ins. Users have the liberty to switch, tweak, or overhaul systems without the haunting spectre of compatibility issues
  • Data security like never before: With data breaches making headlines, the promise of localised data storage ensures that critical data remains in users’ hands and is less vulnerable to external threats
  • Always on, always working: Internet disruptions? Cloud server crashes? With TrackSense, these become non-issues, ensuring an uninterrupted operation
  • Real-time excellence: Reduced latency ensures that data processing is lightning fast, enabling immediate responses when needed
  • Customisation at its best: Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach, TrackSense allows operators to tailor solutions to their exact requirements.

Further enhancing its versatility, TrackSense is compatible with the thousands of industry standard Modbus and 4-20mA sensors. 

“This compatibility means you can monitor virtually anything that can be attached to a sensor,” Gersbach said. 

Some of its current capabilities include:

  • Points machines
  • Batteries
  • Power supplies
  • Insulation
  • Relays
  • Level crossings
  • Track circuits
  • Environmental factors

“If you’ve already invested in a cloud logging solution and want to make it autonomous, it’s as simple as replacing your current logger with TrackSense and utilising the pre-existing sensors,” Gersbach said.

“While TrackSense’s autonomous capabilities provide unmatched independence, it’s vital to recognise the benefits cloud-based remote condition monitoring solutions also bring, particularly in remote access and monitoring.

“As the rail technology landscape evolves, operators must discern their priorities and select what best aligns with their operations. With TrackSense Autonomous RCM, MRD Rail Technologies heralds a future where users hold true power.”