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‘Moving Moments’: Winning photos revealed

Almost 400 entries were narrowed down to just 17 winners across multiple categories in the inaugural Australian Railroad Photography Competition, hosted by CRRC in Melbourne on December 1.

Hundreds gathered at a ceremony at Melbourne Town Hall to review the finalists from the 397 entries made into the ‘Moving Moments’ competition, hosted by CRRC and organised by Ausfocus to recognise the best photos taken on and around railways all around Australia.

Honourary guests included Victorian senator Bruce Atkinson, City of Melbourne Councillor Philip Liu, CRRC Culture Department director Gao Kang, Cultural consul of Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China Yucheng Zhan, Victorian multicultural ambassador Chap Chow, and RMIT University School of Art’s associate dean of photography Dr. Shane Hulbert, who acted as president of the Judging Committee.

10 winners were selected in the smart phone photography section, each winning a $200 cash prize: Ryan Belluzzo, Mustafa Muradi, Josh Schumann, Ben Mitchell, Yvette Wang, Catherine Taylor, Kerrie Norynberg, Kieran Wright, Phil Johnson, Mark Rivera.

The People’s Choice Award – the single photo which received the most votes (8,669 votes) in the event’s online poll – went to Teik Chean, who took home $500.

The official Judge’s selections for first (one winner), second (two winners) and third place (three winners) are below.

First prize – $6,000: Vanessa Brennan

Photo: Vanessa Brennan

The judging panel selected this image as the first-prize winner. “The photographer has taken a well considered position to capture the scene, and provide an insight into this type of railway passion,” the judging panel said. “The use of wider lens creates a dynamic effect between the train and the front worker.”

Brennan was very happy with the win. “I’m just learning photography so am really surprised to win this prize,” she said. “My family are very happy for me. When they heard I was one of the winners they all came to the ceremony to support me. I’m so grateful for this.”


Second prize – $3,000 each: Steven Burrows and Tian You

Photo: Steven Burrows

Photo: Tian You


Third prize – $1,500 each: Maite Arbildua, Paul Hogan and Shaohuan Hsu

Photo: Maite Arbildua

Photo: Paul Hogan

Photo: Shaohuan Hsu


People’s choice – $500: Teik Chean

Photo: Teik Chean