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Mount Isa contract for waterways resilience

Mount isa

The Queensland Government’s multi-million-dollar project to improve flood resilience on the Mount Isa rail line has reached a major milestone, with Queensland Rail awarding a $1.2 million contract for the detailed design phase.

Queensland Rail Acting Head of Regional Scott Cornish said Queensland-based company ARUP had been appointed to complete the design of new rail bridges on the line with works underway.

“We know how important it is to keep the rail network up and running to connect communities across the state and supply chains to domestic and overseas markets,” he said.

“It’s great to see further progress on this important project which will see up to three new rail bridges constructed, including two bridges at Chatfield Creek and one at Corella Creek east of Cloncurry to improve water flow.

“While it is impossible to fully withstand major weather events, these bridge upgrades will be key to improving flood resilience on the line.

“The proposed works will increase the flow of water at critical locations and help ensure recovery processes are as efficient as possible when major weather events occur.”

Cornish said design works would build on state-of-the-art reality modelling recently completed on the Mount Isa rail line.

​“To prepare for the design phase, Brisbane-based company, Rapid Capture was enlisted last year to complete reality modelling of the line, giving crews 3D digital access to site specific information at their fingertips, reducing the need for onsite visits,” he said.

​“When building any infrastructure, it’s crucial to consider the environment being built in, including animal habitats, existing roads, landscapes, the climate and the potential for natural disasters to hit.

“That’s why our crews are using this reality modelling to identify environmental impacts before planning and implementing solutions.”

The Mount Isa line Waterways Resilience project is part of a $50 million investment by the State Government to bolster safety and reliability on the line.

The project will complement 21 existing weather monitoring stations that help monitor weather impacts remotely along the 1000 kilometre line.