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More security officers to make Melbourne tram rides safer

Yarra trams officers

A new dedicated team of specially trained officers will help make Melbourne’s tram network safer to ride.

The Network Security Team will comprise officers from a range of backgrounds and will be proactively deployed to known hotspots to target anti-social behaviour, as well as reactively respond to incidents on the network and engage with the community and local businesses.

The team are all qualified Authorised Officers and received additional intensive training to give them the skills they need to respond to incidents on the tram network.

The training consisted of a mix of classroom, real-world, scenario and included conflict resolution, dynamic risk assessment, mental health and first aid training.

The new recruits will provide an additional layer of support to the Authorised Officers already on the network and will be a prominent presence, wearing distinct orange uniforms.

The officers will travel around Melbourne in specially equipped cars, allowing them to quickly respond to incidents as they arise.

 Yarra Trams Chief Executive Carla Purcell said the operator had invested in this new group of specially trained Authorised Officers to ensure it had a reassuring presence on the ground, “where it’s needed most”.

“Trams are an iconic part of Melbourne. Our new officers will be a visible presence to reinforce that trams are a safe, convenient and affordable way to experience all the city has to offer,” she said.

One of the new Network Security Team Authorised Officers, Myles Pearce, said as a former police officer, he knew that having a visible security presence on the tram network was important to deterring anti-social behaviour and making passengers feel confident riding trams.

“We all know how stressful it can be when someone is acting erratically aboard a tram or at a tram stop, and a key part of our job will be to defuse the situation and try to provide the help they need,” he said.