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More railway squad officers to boost security

railway squad officers

Queensland Rail wants its customers to know that ‘Your safety and security is our priority’, with the announcement of an additional 16 railway squad officers.​

Queensland Rail security and emergency preparedness senior manager Drew Brock said the new members were an expansion of its partnership with Queensland Police Service (QPS) and would take the railway squad up to 102 officers.

These officers will support Queensland Rail authorised officers, the security monitoring team and private security officers.

“Railway squad officers are QPS Officers with specialist training that operate in teams from dedicated outposts at key stations on the network,” Brock said.

“The squad, along with Queensland Rail’s security team, undertook 716 joint operations last financial year across the SEQ network to enhance customer security.

“Our teams work closely with QPS to create an active and visible presence and stop people doing the wrong thing.

“Anti-social behavior has no place on Queensland Rail trains and precincts, and we’ve made that clear with authorised officers issuing 869 penalty infringement notices and 579 warning notices for behavioural and safety incidents last financial year.

“Some of the top behaviours we issued fines for were alcohol, smoking, nuisance and pedestrian incidents at level crossings/crossing the tracks.”

Queenslanders have been given a rare glimpse into a day in the life of security personnel in a range of social media videos shot for the ‘Your safety and security is our priority’ campaign.

The campaign also features new posters at stations and on trains, and Spotify ads.

“This campaign is about making sure our customers know we are here for them —that their journeys are not only safe, but pleasant,” Brock said.

“We have 11 canine teams patrolling stations, and guardian trains at night with security officers onboard, rail squad officers on bikes in the rail corridor and more than 12,000 CCTV cameras around the network.

“If any behaviour is concerning to our customers we want them to know we’re here to help at any time.”

Queensland Police railway squad officer Jason has been with the team for 20 years and said he still loves his job.

“You’re seeing a cross section not only of police work but also meeting a cross section of people from the community,” he said.

“Customers should always feel that railway squad officers are approachable and able to answer any questions regarding their safety and security.

“Our number one priority is to ensure you get to your destination safely.”

The additional officers will be added to the squad over the next four years.