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More drama looming in Adelaide

Adelaide’s train services are set for four hours on September 14 as many rail staff attend a stop-work meetings held by the Rail Tram and Bus Union.

The RTBU’s South Australian branch is involved in extended negotiations with the State Government over a new employment agreement for its members.

Some Adelaide rail services were disrupted recently as drivers and staff took action as part of the ongoing battle, in which the Government is said to be offering a 2.5% pay rise in exchange for the removal of a clause which blocks forced redundancies.

Trains will cease by 10am on September 14, and will return to service by 2pm.

“Importantly, peak services will not be disrupted,” SA transport minister Stephen Mullighan was quoted as saying by the ABC.

“Contingencies are currently being planned regarding substitute buses and further information will be provided in coming days.”

The Government has announced free train services will be provided the following day, September 15, to apologise to commuters for the disruption.