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Mitsui takes major share in Position Partners

Mitsui & Co, through its Australian and Japanese entities, has increased its investment in site automation solutions company, Position Partners, to become the majority shareholder.

With aligned strategies to accelerate the deployment of digital and automated systems on all types of machines, Position Partners will further pursue its partnering vision with customers to improve productivity, safety and sustainability in the construction, resources and geospatial sectors with the support of Mitsui’s networks.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with locations in more than 60 countries worldwide, Mitsui invested in Position Partners in 2019 to hold a 20 per cent share in the company. Mitsui’s strategy to accelerate digital transformation across multiple sectors including construction, resources, transport, and logistics, aligns with Position Partners’ positioning systems and support expertise.

Following Position Partners’ strong business performance, Mitsui has become the majority shareholder.

Position Partners chief executive officer Martin Nix said since 2019, the company had launched initiatives that had been fostered through the Mitsui network.

“Mitsui has also enabled collaborations for two of our key services: Tokara, construction site remote access and data transmission solution; and AllDayRTK, our national GPS network,” he said.

“Supporting new growth opportunities and leveraging our capabilities will provide an even better experience for customers.

“Our Southeast Asia and mining systems businesses can expect to be significant beneficiaries of Mitsui’s post investment strategic support.

“Mitsui recognises that our ability to deploy solutions to sites with various types of machinery, systems and software is critical to realising the full potential of digital innovation in the construction, mining and geospatial industries.”

To ensure continuity, the existing Position Partners executive team remains. The Board will include three nominee directors from Mitsui.