Millennium train project cops another hammering

<p>A New South Wales Audit Office report into Sydney’s troubled Millennium train has criticised the State Rail Authority and the State Government over its handling of the purchase.</p> <p>NSW auditor-general Bob Sendt found that since the Millennium train was awarded to EDI Rail in 1998, capital costs had increased by 24% to $588m and total project costs had risen by $98.4m to $658m.</p> <p>Mr Sendt said key decisions makers in the SRA and the government had taken too long to approve the tendering for the train.</p> <p>"Accordingly the purchase timetable was aggressive and created expectations that were not met," the report stated. </p> <p>The 409 days’ delay introducing the Millennium train into service had caused discomfort and lack of service quality to passengers, Mr Sendt found.</p> <p>"StateRail’s specification of the Millennium train represented a significant improvement on the Tangara, but was still not as performance-based a contract as would be preferred," he said.</p> <p>Mr Sendt said there had been "teething problems" with the train but said that much about the Millennium train was impressive, "although time will be needed to tell about its performance."</p> <br />