M&gt&semicolanTrain and Tram target fare evasion

<p>M>Train and M>Tram have stepped up the fight against fare evasion, advertising for up to 80 people to fill additional ticket inspection roles.</p> <p>Chief operating officer Peter Strachan said fare evasion remains at unacceptably high levels. Up to 20% of customers do not purchase a ticket or buy the incorrect ticket.</p> <p>"We are committed to reduce fare evasion and one of the steps in that process is hiring an additional 80 people to become ticket inspectors," he said.</p> <p>"We have found that during the December and February blitzes more customers purchased tickets. However, since the February blitz finished we are issuing up to 2,500 reports of offence a week on our tram and train businesses."</p> <br />