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MFB: uncompromising strength and durability


MFB Products is proud of its S280 19-inch Industrial Outdoor Data Enclosure unit, which has been tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.  

As MFB sales executive Jack Grech explains, the cabinet combines state-of-the-art features with robust construction. 

“It is a beacon of innovation that stands as a symbol of technological advancement, offering solutions for protection, cooling, and security,” he said. 

“The heart of this enclosure lies in its construction. Crafted from 1.6mm galvaneal steel or 316-grade stainless steel, the unit’s fully-welded body ensures uncompromising strength and durability.  

“This industrial-grade foundation forms a solid defence against external elements, safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment housed within.  

“The structural integrity is further fortified by its IP54 ingress protection, with the capability to upgrade to the more stringent IP66 standard – a testament to its third-party accredited security against dust, water, and environmental contaminants.” 

The enclosure’s versatility in door options, with both glass and full metal alternatives, highlights its adaptability to diverse environmental conditions.  

The choice between these door variants allows users to strike a balance between visibility and security, accommodating preferences without compromising safety. 

Maintaining optimal internal temperatures is critical for electronic equipment’s longevity and performance.  

To this end, the MFB S280 offers a dual approach: filter fans for passive ambient airflow and Seifert air conditioners for active cooling.  

This intelligent cooling system ensures that equipment remains within specified temperature ranges, preventing overheating and associated downtime.  

“This feature is of paramount importance, given the harsh conditions that the Australian rail industry frequently faces,” Grech said. 

The MFB S280’s suitability for the Australian rail sector is underscored by its unique design.  

A variation of the S280 is a split configuration tailor-made for the industry’s specific requirements.  

The incorporation of distinct compartments – battery compartment, data/electrical compartment – ensures a logical organisation of components, facilitating easier access, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This design ethos optimises operational efficiency. 

“Weatherhoods and sunshields stand as additional layers of defense against the Australian climate’s unforgiving nature,” Grech said.  

“These accessories shield the enclosure from direct sunlight, rain, and other elements, preventing damage and ensuring consistent operation.”  

Grech said MFB’s accreditations have acted as cornerstones for the company throughout its history and will continue to drive the business forward.  

“The core values of the business are built around the Quality (ISO9001) and Environment (14001) accreditations we proudly hold,” he said.  

“We are also well underway in working towards occupational health and safety accreditation (ISO 45001). 

“We are constantly looking at ways to build our policies in a manner that aligns with evolving Industry standards.  

“We boast an experienced staff with many of them serving many years at the company. The company remains committed to securing mechanical engineer graduates and the knowledge they can bring to the business to help drive business goals and objectives.”  

Grech said the S280 Outdoor Data Enclosure served as an exemplar of technological prowess and adaptability for rail.  

“MFB hopes the S280 is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s technological landscape,” he said. 

“MFB continues to provide customisable enclosures and services for the rail industry and wants the industry to know we are always looking at ways to optimise and increase our capabilities.” 

“For more information regarding our extended range, contact one of our dedicated and experienced sales members.”