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Metro tunnel testing enters new phase to get ready for 2025

The Metro Tunnel Project is entering a new, complex testing phase in preparation for the project opening one year ahead of schedule in 2025 – with trains set to run another 150,000 kilometres back and forth under the city.

Premier Jacinta Allan and Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson announced the project is entering the new testing phase, which involves repeatedly running systems and technologies that have never been used on the network.

Test trains have already travelled almost 20,000 kilometres since first entering the tunnel almost one year ago, and crews have worked more than 2,000 hours on the testing program.

The rigorous phase includes opening and closing platform screen doors at least 30,000 more times to make sure they match each of the new modern High-Capacity Metro Trains that are set to join the network.

Premier Jacinta Allan said thousands and thousands of Victorians will use this tunnel every day – so they are opening and closing doors thousands and thousands of times and running test trains up and back for thousands and thousands of miles.

As testing continues, trial operations will begin later this year – running practice services with drivers and station staff to ensure everything is ready for passengers when the tunnel and five new stations open.

The Metro Tunnel Project has completed major construction on Arden and Parkville stations – as Anzac Station nears completion and works progress on the two CBD stations 40 metres below Swanston Street.

Minister for Transport Infrastructure Danny Pearson spoke about the exciting development.

“Testing is a critical part of this complex project – we’ve accelerated Arden Station’s completion so that we can get a head start on testing advanced systems that will help transform the ways Victorians move through our city,” he said.

The Metro Tunnel will connect the busy Sunbury, Cranbourne and Pakenham lines through a new tunnel under the city, creating an end-to-end rail line from the north-west to the south-east – freeing up space in the City Loop and creating capacity to run more trains more often.

When the tunnel opens to the public – a year ahead of schedule – they will be able to travel across the city from Anzac to Arden station in around 11 minutes.