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Memorial for level-crossing deaths unveiled

A memorial dedicated to Victorians who have lost their lives at level crossings was recently unveiled at St Albans station.

Premier Daniel Andrews was joined by federal opposition leader Bill Shorten, state Labor member for St Albans Natalie Suleyman, and local resident and advocate Dianne Dejanovic at the unveiling, and used the opportunity to remind the community of why the removal of dangerous level crossings are necessary.

“Too many Victorians have lost their lives at level crossings just like this one – today we pause to remember them and their loved ones,” the premier said.

Before its removal in 2016, the St Albans level crossing was one of the most dangerous in the state, with two fatalities and numerous near-misses having occurred at the site in the last 10 years.

Dianne Dejanovic has long campaigned for the removal of the level crossing, after her son was killed after running across the tracks to save a young girl in 2012. Earlier this year, he was posthumously awarded a Bravery Medal by the governor general.

20 lives have been taken at 50 of the most dangerous level crossings in the state over the last decade, with 60 collisions and approximately 680 near-misses. The Victorian government has committed to removing these crossings, with last year’s removal at St Albans forming part of a package of works that included the removal of level crossings at Blackburn and Heatherdale Road.

“The dedicated memorial will also serve as a reminder of the work ahead of us – ridding our state of these dangerous relics of the past and ensuring every Victorian makes it home safely to their loved ones,” premier Andrews said.


  1. This is Interesting to Say the Least. Can’t Help but Wonder how many of these so Called Accidents etc Were
    the Results of Those Who Figured They had a Right to Beat the Trains over the Crossings. SAFETY FIRST.
    Anytime is Train Time. Its that Simple. It Takes a Long Time to Stop if a Freight/Psgr Train Hits a Car/Truck at a Level Crossing.To bad Sheepo Don’t Get It.There OWN FAULTS 90% of the Times as Well.

  2. You are totally right. Most level crossing “accidents” are caused by drivers who are doing the wrong thing.

  3. Hi John,
    I saw What was Left When a Freight Train Hit a School Bus When I was 19 yrs Old. 20 Kids and a Driver were Killed in that Mess. Its NOT Something You Easily Forget..I Walked Away 5 Minutes B 4 It Happened. Got Home and They Told Me a Train Hit a Bus. They Blame the Railroad. It was the Buss Driver’s Fault.