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Market told to ‘wait and see’ on Toll-Brambles move

<p>Mention of the Toll Group’s less than 0.5% stake in logistics and pallet business Brambles by managing director Paul Little yesterday (Wednesday, August 22), sparked a cacophony of comment from media types overnight.</p> <p>The market would have to "wait and see" what Toll had planned for its $83m investment in the Brambles giant and how, indeed, it planned to increase its stake, Mr Little said.</p> <p>"The Brambles company is a very attractive one," he said.</p> <p>"We certainly haven’t lost any of our enthusiasm for that opportunity.</p> <p>"It’s one we have been looking at very carefully now for quite some time and [as for&#93 our strategy, you’ll have to wait and see how that unfolds over the next couple of months."</p> <p>Mr Little said Toll believed it could add value for Toll and Brambles shareholders.</p> <p>"We’re not disclosing the structure or whether or not we will be attempting to put in place a merger or any other structure within Brambles," he said.</p> <br />