Making customers life easy

MTR corporation is working in conjunction with Metro Trains to diligently improve the customer experience.

MTR corporation has been a critical cog in the success of Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) network. The organisation is a part of the consortium of businesses that make up MTM.

Partnering with John Holland and UGL it brings a range of international experience to the fore. 

MTR is a recognised world-class operator of sustainable rail transport services and takes safety, reliability, customer service and efficiency seriously.  

MTR has end-to-end railway expertise with more than 40 years of railway projects experience from design to planning and construction, through to commissioning, maintenance, and operations. 

A spokesperson from MTM said that since the start of MTM’s franchise in Melbourne in 2009, MTR is proud of the work MTM has done to put the passenger first.

During the covid pandemic, a number of passenger initiatives were introduced and they have become a mainstay of the MTM system. These include enhancements to Platform Information Displays at Metro’s busiest stations.

The burn line is an exciting addition to the MTM platforms. Image: PRIME CREATIVE MEDIA

One development implemented during Covid was the ‘burn line’. The ‘burn line’ gives passengers a visual countdown of when a train is about to depart – discouraging late boarding so trains can depart on time and ensure the overall efficiency of the network.

A successful trial of the ‘burn line’ at stations in the City Loop resulted in the technology being introduced at 147 stations across the network.

Since the introduction of the burn line, dwell times at stations have reduced by an average of up to five seconds per service, or 30 seconds along the length of a line.

With an ongoing program of planned disruptions, Metro is committed to delivering flawless passenger messaging with a focus on effective, timely and transparent communication.

A number of initiatives have continued to improve the passenger experience including the use of QR codes, providing passengers with a one-stop shop of disruption details, replacement services and up-to-date travel information. 

When the City Loop was closed to trains and passengers for the first time in its 42-year history in January 2023 – affecting 222 stations and 16 train lines – a range of innovative communications measures, including specialist wayfinding assets, helped to address this disruption.  The organisation also ensured customer service staff and wheelchair accessible taxis were available.

This approach resulted in an Australasian Rail Industry Awards (ARI) – Customer Service Excellence win.

The team is committed to ongoing improvement and will continue to look at ways to further enhance communication including the current trial of SMS notifications for residents and traders during maintenance and renewal works.