Major WA resource projects delayed

<p>BHP Billiton’s plans for a $4bn LNG plant in Onslow, Western Australia have been delayed</p> <p>In response to major community opposition, the US Coast Guard has invoked its right to stop its evaluation of BHP’s $600m Cabrillo Port LNG project off the coast of California.</p> <p>A final decision was expected on May 5 this year, but has now been delayed indefinitely.</p> <p>The delay puts extra pressure on BHP’s plans to enter the LNG trade in its own right through the development of the Scarborough gas field off the WA coast, and a stand-alone LNG processing plant at Onslow on WA’s north-west coast.</p> <p>Meanwhile, the Hope Downs iron ore project in Pilbara in northwest Western Australia has also been delayed.</p> <p>Kumba Resources and Hancock Prospecting are planning a $1.7bn mine, rail and port operation, producing 30m tonnes or ore a year.</p> <p>Hope Downs was due to submit its application to the government by the end of last year, but said there have been problems negotiating land access for the rail line, reports the <em>ABC</em> .</p> <p>Hope Downs now has until July to submit its application.</p> <br />