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Macquarie moves closer to Sydney Metro hub project

The world’s leading public precincts will guide the design of a new metro transport and business hub at Martin Place, under an advanced proposal from Macquarie, the NSW State Government has confirmed.

The NSW Government last week said it was ready to negotiate a final binding offer with Macquarie Group to deliver the Sydney Metro Martin Place Precinct.

Macquarie’s proposal would see the major CBD development delivered in time for the opening of Stage 2 of the Sydney Metro rail project in 2024, the government said.

Macquarie Capital executive director Will Walker said the design would integrate the redeveloped Martin Place station into a significant business precinct.

“Integrating the station and over-station design and delivery allows for better use of space and natural light, and allows for features that improve convenience for station users,” Walker said.

“It would also enable us to offer an intuitive design that would offer customers ease of navigation throughout the station precinct.”

The design would include Macquarie’s Martin Place headquarters, a move the firm said would allow for “a number of enhancements,” including an underground public concourse.

Macquarie said the design would provide pedestrians with an all-weather walkway from Martin Place to Hunter Street, with the additional potential to connect through to O’Connell Street.

Walker said the proposal had been “strongly influenced” by the City of Sydney’s 2030 plan.

“We also looked at the landmark transportation hubs around the world,” he added, “which are thoughtfully-designed spaces that enable people to seamlessly transition from commute, to work, to leisure.”

The plan has advanced to the third and final stage of the NSW Government’s unsolicited proposal program.

While Stage 3 allows for negotiation of a final binding offer, Macquarie noted that neither the group nor the Government were obligated to proceed with the proposal at this stage.