Lyttelton Port enters mediation with unions

<p>Lyttelton Port Company is entering mediation with workers after the combined unions gave notice last month that no overtime would be worked from 11 pm on February 16 for a month.</p> <p>The port’s chief executive, Peter Davie, said the negotiations will take place on February 10. </p> <p>He told www.stuff.co.nz that the the action will not affect operations of ships lines, tugs, pilots, security, oil berth and services provided by Toll Logistics, Lyttelton Stevedoring, Independent Fisheries, and Pacifica Shipping.</p> <p>The strike has come after protracted bargaining between the parties fell short of reaching an agreement. </p> <p>Mr Davie said the strike could cost the economy of the Canterbury region millions of dollars in lost business. </p> <p>It was too early to know the impact on port’s finances, which would depend on decisions made by shipping lines, essentially on whether they took their business elsewhere, he said.</p> <p>There is the possibility that some container and coal customers will face delays if a cluster of ships berthed at the same time, he said. </p> <br />