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Lynbrook at-grade crossing approval ‘an exception’

<p>Provisional approval has been given for an at-grade railway crossing at Aylmer Road, Lynbrook, on the basis that the City of Casey meets strict safety conditions, Victorian transport minister Peter Batchelor said.</p> <p>The conditions provide that:</p> <p>A co-ordinated approach is applied to the planning, design and construction of a separate pedestrian underpass&#47overpass, a future Lynbrook railway station and car park, and the road crossing to achieve best and safest outcomes for users</p> <p>The city meets the cost of the road crossing, pedestrian underpass&#47overpass and Lynbrook Station and car park y from development contributions or pays separately and</p> <p>Plans, funding arrangements for and timing of the public transport and road facilities are submitted to the Department of Infrastructure for consideration.</p> <p>The city has to work with relevant state departments to ensure that all other proposed railway crossings in Casey are grade-separated.</p> <p>Mr Batchelor said that while it has been long-term public transport policy that all new rail crossings be grade-separated, the decision to approve the Aylmer Road crossing is an exception based on the government’s detailed consideration of a recent Victoria Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal ruling.</p> <p>"It is important to note that this decision in no way sets a precedent and that the Bracks Government is committed to working with councils and developers to ensure that all future railway crossings are grade-separated," he said.</p> <p>Mr Batchelor said the State Government is working to formalise a co-ordinated and practical approach to applying this important planning and safety policy across Victoria. </p> <br />