Wednesday 23rd Sep, 2020

Logistics Council welcomes Greater Sydney freight plans

View of the harbour from the AMP Tower, Vivid Sydney 2014. Photo: Vivid Sydney / James Horan
Photo: Vivid Sydney / James Horan

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has welcomed a new publication from the Greater Sydney Commission emphasising the importance of planning and investment to secure future efficiency for the city’s freight corridors.

Released on Monday, the Commission’s 16-page document, Directions for a Greater Sydney, 2017-2056, details the long-term strategy for the direction of Sydney’s economic expansion over the next 40 years, outlining the major transformations that the city will undergo in becoming a “global metropolis”.

Michael Kilgariff, ALC’s managing director, enthused about the report’s mention of freight corridor investment, particularly in the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor and the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal, and concurred with the Commission’s emphasis on the concomitant expansion in freight transport and supply with the construction of the Western Sydney Airport.

“As the Commission correctly notes, the construction of Western Sydney Airport will be the catalyst for significant additional economic expansion in Western Sydney in the years ahead,” Mr Kilgariff said.

“This facility will complement the freight activity that already occurs at Sydney Airport and Port Botany, and help a burgeoning city meet in future freight task.”

Kilgariff also said he was pleased that the Commission had emphasised the importance of the Port Botany rail line duplication, a project which, he said, ALC “has long-argued is vital in ensuring the city’s freight network is able to keep pace with growing demand”.

Early last year, Infrastructure Australia listed the rail line duplication project as a “high priority initiative”, and the NSW government has been exploring potential partnerships and funding arrangements with ARTC, the federal government, and the private sector. However, while the federal government allocated $20 million to Botany line upgrades in the 2017 budget, it has not yet committed any funds to duplication of the line.

Kilgariff said that the Commission’s emphasis on strategically planned investments that provide “certainty and clarity for investors and local communities alike” aligned with ALC’s advocacy for the importance of freight movement to be reflected in planning policy.

“[I]t’s imperative to have in place a comprehensive, nationally-consistent approach to corridor preservation, so that the efficiency and future growth of our freight networks is not compromised by urban encroachment,” he said.

“ALC will continue to pursue this core priority as part of the continuing development of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.”

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