Logistics council wants top food and drink transport

<p>Sorting out the transport logistics for South Australia’s food and drink industry will be a primary objective for the newest member of the Australian Logistics Council.</p> <p>Glen Cooper, executive chairman of Cooper’s Brewery, has become the only SA member on the council.</p> <p>Mr Cooper said in SA alone, the food and drink industry should grow to be worth $20bn by 2020 &#8211 a figure which excludes wine exports.</p> <p>The council has already identified the industry as a priority.</p> <p>"A very important logistics task for the next 10 years will be getting food and drink to ports in the right condition," Mr Cooper said.</p> <p>Logistics issues will include the questions of a defined rail link for the Barossa Valley, and the efficiency and reliability of the Adelaide-Darwin rail link, he said.</p> <p>Mr Cooper said he was looking to forward to putting his knowledge of the food and beverage industry &#8211 rather than transport &#8211 to good use on the council.</p> <p>"It’s not all beer and skittles," he said "It’s going to be some very hard work."</p> <br />