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Locals to choose new Forrestfield-Airport Link station name

Responsibility for choosing the name for the first Metronet station on the new Forrestfield-Airport Link has been given to the local community, who will be able to vote on two options provided by the WA government.

The former government proposed that the station be named Belmont Station. However, according to the current Labor government, local residents felt that the choice didn’t reflect the geographical location of the station.

“The train station is actually nearly five kilometres away from the centre of Belmont, which is why the former government’s proposed name surprised a lot of residents,” Labor member for Belmont Cassie Rowe said.

“Engaging with local residents and businesses to garner their opinion is only fair for such a substantial project.”

It was Rowe who put forth the grievance statement in parliament last week that prompted the government’s decision to open a community survey.

The Member for Belmont told The Southern Gazette that locals frequently brought up the topic of the station name while she was doorknocking in the area.

“Everywhere I was going around Redcliffe, with events, forums and doorknocking, the station name was brought up by every single person I spoke to,” she was quoted as saying.

“It’s a critical ingredient in a democratic society that people should actually have the opportunity to have a say.”

In July, the City of Belmont council gave a unanimous vote in support of changing the station name to Redcliffe, as this was considered the best choice to reflect the historical name of the surrounding area.

Now the decision is being put in the hands of the public, who will be able to vote for a proscribed choice between two names for the station: Belmont or Redcliffe.

WA’s transport minister Rita Saffioti took a swipe at the former Coalition government, whom she said chose a name that didn’t fit with the actual location of the station.

“We are listening to the community and giving them the chance to tell us what they prefer to name their station,” Saffioti said.

The 8.5-kilometre Forrestfield-Airport Link will connect the railway east of Bayswater Junction to Forrestfield, with most of the track running along underground tunnels.

The yet-to-be-named station will be an underground station similar to Elizabeth Quay Station. Plans indicate that it is to allow for a 15-minute journey to the Perth CBD by rail, and will feature a bus/train interchange and a 500-space car park.

The government also hopes that the station will support new high-density development in the area, including multi-storey apartments, businesses, and new community spaces.

The survey can be accessed at

Voting is now open and will close on November 19, 2017.