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LINX unveils Port Botany shuttle livery

PICS: LINX Cargo Care Group has revealed the new livery for its existing ‘G’ class locomotives, with the fleet to operate out of the LINX Intermodal Terminal at Enfield in Sydney’s west.

LINX took over the lease to operate the NSW Ports-owned Enfield intermodal terminal in February, and says it has been building its rail business and attracting new customers to Enfield’s dedicated Port Botany shuttle service.

On November 6 the company revealed the livery for that service.

LINX said the new locomotives would complement the current fleet operating the port shuttles, adding capacity and ensuring reliability on the service.

“Effective and reliable rail operations at the LINX Intermodal Terminal is critical to the terminal’s success for our customers and the NSW freight and ports economy,” LINX Cargo Care Group chief executive Anthony Jones said.

“We are excited by our rail operations and remain committed to delivering on our promise to our customers.”

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