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LINX to launch VR training platform

LINX Cargo Care Group will roll out a new Virtual Reality safety training platform in April, after collaborating with communication and technology company Curiious and Samsung Electronics Australia.

LINX CCG unveiled the new training platform on Thursday. The immersive training experience is part of the freight company’s commitment to sending its 4,000-strong workforce home safely every day from its 70-plus sites in Australia and New Zealand.

“Virtual reality training will enable us to immerse all our people in diverse situations and expose them to critical risks in our hazardous work environment,” LINX CCG boss Anthony Jones said.

“To put people into different situations where they have the chance to see how it would play out and to immerse them in a scenario, showing them real dangers and consequences, is invaluable.”

LINX CCG Executive General Manager for Health, Safety and Environment Peter Seaman agrees.

“The Gear VR platform enables us to delivery consistent safety training across all levels of the organisation,” he said. “Often some of the messages are lost in translation in safety training and delivered in different ways, whereas this Gear VR platform minimises room for miscommunication.”

“We want to be known as innovators and an agile organisation,” Jones continued. “Ultimately, it’s about how we look out for our people, so we can offer our customers services that are delivered safely, efficiently and competitively.

“If we can support our people to perform well and go home safely every day, then our customers will be the beneficiaries and receive the service they deserve.”