Linfox, QR meet obstacles in challenge to PN in Victoria

<p>Freight giant Linfox has teamed up with Queensland Rail to challenge Pacific National’s rail freight dominance in Victoria.</p> <p>However, Victoria’s rail access regime is stymieing their efforts, <em>The Age </em> reports.</p> <p>Linfox chairman Peter Fox said access to the Dynon rail terminal next to the port of Melbourne was crucial if there was to be rail competition in Victoria.</p> <p>However, Pacific National controlled the Dynon terminal , so Linfox is using the CRT rail terminal at Altona, and the 500-metre there siding is too short. </p> <p>A siding 2 km long is required to accommodate a fully efficient Brisbane-Melbourne train, he said.</p> <p>Linfox, which operates a large fleet of trucks, needs the services of a rail operator if it is to expand its business through rail.</p> <p>Pacific National owns Victoria’s rail network and terminals after buying the state’s rail freight operator, Freight Australia, last year.</p> <br />