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Lift shafts land in Croydon

Croydon’s modern new transport hub continues to rise to the occasion, with the arrival and installation of the first lift shaft.

A total of four lifts will connect passengers to the new elevated station platforms when the new Croydon Station opens in July.

To minimise disruptions, the lift shafts – each weighing 38 tonnes and measuring 15m tall and 4.5m wide – have been built off site over the past 3 months.

In the coming weeks, we’ll start 24/7 works to finish building the rail bridge and new road connections to replace the congested Coolstore Road roundabout, and continue work on the new Croydon Station and transport hub.

To enable these works to be done safely, buses will replace trains on sections of the Lilydale Line from Friday 24 May to early July.

When completed later this year, the state of the art Croydon Transport Hub will feature a 687m long rail bridge, new premium Croydon Station, 14-bay bus interchange with shelters and seating, and new road connections under the bridge to create more options to cross the rail line and untangle the traffic bottleneck in this area.

When works are complete, new road connections will see Coolstore Road continue into Main Street, and a signalised intersection provide direct links between Wicklow Avenue, Croydon Road, Kent Avenue and Lacey Street. A new intersection at Wicklow Avenue and Devon Street will also provide another safe way to cross the rail line.

The new road connections linking Croydon’s town centre will open by spring, with the Coolstore Road level crossing gone, and a new Croydon Station open.

Removing the remaining three sets of boom gates at Coolstore Road, Croydon, Dublin Road, Ringwood East and Cave Hill Road, Lilydale, will make the Lilydale Line level crossing free in 2024 – a year ahead of schedule.