Level crossing safety on agenda of ATC and ARA

<p>Australian transport ministers instigated an investigation into level crossing safety during last week’s Australian Transport Council (ATC) meeting.</p> <p>The minister’s agreed that the rail group of the Standing Committee on Transport (SCOT) should develop a strategic approach to managing the full range of level crossing issues.</p> <p>As part of this work, the group will review present research available on train lighting and visibility, and report back to the ministers on whether further research is needed.</p> <p>The ATC also agreed to address road user education on railway level crossing safety.</p> <p>Australasian Railway Association executive director John Kirk welcomed the decision.</p> <p>The association has begun its own project to improve level crossing safety.</p> <p>It ran a job advertisement on the weekend for a project designer to scope the size of the work required to solve level crossing problems, and to liase with government and stakeholders on solutions.</p> <p>Mr Kirk said improving level crossing safety will require several initiatives, including engineering solutions, such as train visibility, a driver awareness and education campaign, and enforcement of road rules. </p> <p>The rail industry is looking at how the successful US level crossing safety model could be adapted for Australia.</p> <br />

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