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Less downtime, more flexibility: Providing a better fastening solution

Infastech Engineered Fastening says it can provide wagon manufacturers, rail track and maintenance businesses with an alternative swage locking fastening system which also benefits from the Enerpac tooling service network.

The 734 AV Enerpac series of tools aims to leverage a node-based system, as well as the reach
of the Enerpac-authorised service centre network, to provide a better solution for its users.

Swage locking fastening systems have applications all around the rail sector, from the manufacturing or maintenance of wagons, bogies or locomotives, to installation of new or upgraded track, maintenance of heavy machines, and so on.

Common swage locking systems leave users with common issues. Different nose equipment is often required to install different-diameter lockbolts, and when a tool breaks down, it often must be sent away to be fixed.

Infastech Engineered Fastening has designed a platform which offers a better solution.

The 734 AV system consists of four separate parts: a placing tool, pump unit, hose, and easy-to-change nose equipment.

The pump unit is a high-performance custom Enerpac unit, with a high-efficiency 2-stage pump design with increased oil flow rate and bypass pressure, and 18% less current draw than comparable pumps.

Infastech Engineered Fastening National Sales Manager Ashley Gorman told Rail Express the capabilities of the company’s system made it perfect for the rail sector, especially in a large, sparse country like Australia.

“By using an Enerpac system, it allows customers who require after-service to take it to any Enerpac-authorised service centre around Australia,” he explained.

“That could be someone located in Port Hedland, for example. They don’t have to worry about sending the tool far away for servicing; they can go to their local area to have the tool serviced.

“And that’s a big thing, because you can’t afford to have downtime on tooling when you’re undertaking a major project.”

The electric hydraulic pump drives the power to swage the collar onto the pin, creating the fastening itself.

By using easy-to-change nose equipment and hydraulic hoses in different lengths, the tool can be adapted to suit local assembly requirements.

“The unit itself is unique because you can adjust its stroke setting, so if you’re doing a small diameter pin, you only have the pulling power for that pin,” Gorman explained. “If you’re pulling a large diameter pin, the tool can be reset for more stroke.”

The placing tool is designed to be robust and durable, while still being lighter weight, ergonomic, and highly manoeuvrable.

Large diameter Avdelok XT lockbolts, NeoBolts, as well as Avbolt fasteners can be placed securely in seconds with the 734 AV series of installation tools and pumps.

The Avdelok system

The 734 AV series is designed for the high-speed installation of Large Diameter Avdelok lockbolts.

These lockbolts are designed to offer high shear strength, high controlled clamp, within a wide selection of materials, head sizes, and collar options, providing for an extensive variety of applications.

The Avdelok system is designed to be quick to install, and easy to inspect for tampering, making it the ideal fastener for heavy engineering.

Avdelok structural lockbolts come in steel, stainless steel, and aluminium alloy, and range from 4.8mm (3/16”) to 28.57mm (1 & 1/8”). Headforms include brazier, countersunk, truss and large flange heads, and collars can be full, half or flanged.

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