As the nation recovers from its bouts with COVID, more and more people are turning back to public transport, and in particular to the trains, with their well-known features of sustainability, safety, reliability, speed of travel, and efficiency.

In this edition, we look at why it is so important for rail operators to meet travellers’ expectations, guaranteeing trips that match their expectations. From the initial ticket purchase in the station to conditions inside the rail car, the industry needs to offer experiences that make passengers eager to return again and again.

Meanwhile, our cover focus looks at a game-changing ‘active’ level crossing protection system specifically designed for rural and remote areas.

Eliminating the use of higher-risk passive signage, the innovation includes a train detection system, a first in the railway industry. ​Safe, clear, compliant regulatory signs provide clear unambiguous visual warnings to road users at all times, regardless of whether the crossing system is active or failed.

And there is a special feature on global mobility specialist Siemens’ 150th year in Australia. Siemens has led the way in various rail industry innovations in the country, and in this issue, we celebrate the milestone with a glance through the years.

Our industry partners continue to provide incisive commentary about rail issues, while we wrap up some of the latest contracts, tenders and expressions of interest.


The Australasian Rail Directory, produced in partnership with the Australasian Railway Association, has been updated for 2022 with new suppliers and their latest contact details. As the rail boom continues to grow, this will be an essential tool for the industry.