The spotlight is focused firmly on the need for Australia to establish a robust supply chain network. A well-executed blueprint will not only benefit the economy but also improve the overall quality of life for the country’s residents. The time to invest in a comprehensive, forward-thinking freight supply strategy is now, not when the next natural disaster strikes. 

This issue also looks back on the year that was, highlighting some of the major stories that made the news.  

Elsewhere, there’s a report on the PWI annual conference; a feature on innovation in rail; a focus on leading mobility operator TransDev; and an incisive thought leadership piece on decarbonisation. 

And we find out more about why people are committed to their careers in rail, in a great read on the thoughts and aspirations of employees with public transport operators MTR. 



The Australasian Rail Directory, produced in partnership with the Australasian Railway Association, has been updated for 2024 with new suppliers and their latest contact details. As the rail boom continues to grow, this will be an essential tool for the industry.