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KiwiRail’s landmark loco deal

As part of a $4.5bn investment program, KiwiRail has announced it will purchase 20 new MTU-powered KiwiRail DL class locomotives manufactured by CNR Dalian.

The first of the 20 new locomotives is scheduled to go into line service within the next few weeks in what the New Zealand operator said is the first step in rebuilding the country’s rail business.

The remaining 14 locomotives are scheduled to arrive in late January.

Powered by the latest MTU 20V4000 2700 kW diesel engines, the fleet will form the backbone of the North Island’s rail distribution.

As part of the deal, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia’s authorised New Zealand distributor, TransDiesel, will be responsible for all engine support.

The KiwiRail contract signals the MTU Series 4000’s first significant entrance into the rail industry within the Pacific region after years of market leadership in Europe, MTU Detroit Diesel Australia president Doug Seneshen said.

“Moving into the rail industry in the Pacific is a natural progression for MTU Detroit Diesel Australia. Our comprehensive rail package offers one of the lowest total costs of life, bolstered by greater fuel economy, reliability and lower emissions …” Seneshen said.

The MTU-powered KiwiRail DL class locomotives are the first new diesel locomotives to be put in service in New Zealand in 35 years.