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Keolis Downer begins its operation of Newcastle Transport

Keolis Downer has commenced in its role as the operator of Newcastle Transport this month, and has also begun its tenure with a new Voice of Newcastle engagement program to give the public a say on the future of the city’s transport.

Community members will be able to use the Social Pinpoint digital tool on the new Newcastle Transport website to provide their feedback and suggestions. The tool features an interactive map that allows the user to place a “pin” within a Newcastle Transport area and share comments on their experiences on the transport network.

Members of the public will also be able to visit or call the Newcastle Transport Hub in the centre of Newcastle, which is open six days, Monday to Saturday.

Furthermore, a “randomly selected citizen panel” is to be established, and will be utilised to help Newcastle Transport meet respond to the communities needs and views.

“We want to hear from locals as we work to overhaul the current network to provide the transport service improvements that locals want,” Campbell Mason, CEO of Keolis Downer Hunter, said.

“Everyone’s feedback is important to ensure we get the new network right.”

With Keolis Downer as the sole operator, Newcastle Transport will be responsible for the city’s integrated transport system of buses, ferries, interchanges, and, from 2019, light rail. The ten-year contract is valued at approximately $450 million and is Australia’s first multi-modal transport system to be contracted to the private sector.

“Buses and ferries will continue to operate on the existing timetable and network plan until the new network is rolled out in January 2018,” Mr Mason said.

“Together with our dedicated workforce, we are excited to be working toward an enhanced service for residents and visitors alike.”